Cooper Commercial Group, Ltd. is an industry leader in:

... quality of its signage. Proper placement, size and design of signage is of prime importance in leasing or selling our clients' property. We install distinctive, bold, highly readable, professionally designed and fabricated signs, and make strategic placements to maximize visibility and readability.

... getting the word out. Display advertising for all our primary listings, including vacant land or properties for sale or lease, are ...

  • ... included in on the town magazine, which has a circulation of ±5,000;
  • ... direct mailed to approximately ±3,500 Chamber of Commerce Members in Genesee County and dropped at select hotels, salons, hospitals and universities around the county;
  • ... emailed to brokers throughout Michigan through CPIX, Michigan's Commercial Property Information Exchange.

... anticipating problems before they arise. We do not want our clients to be surprised by unforeseen events. We attempt to cover all contingencies. We immediately assume our clients' needs are unique, and we gear our efforts to meeting those needs.

... doing the leg work: site searches; broker networking. Our clients are busy people who have put their trust in us. Therefore, our staff of quality professionals follows through on every minor detail.

"Congratulations! You did a great job of 'shepherding' the sale of the RBMI building. Short of your extremely professional effort, the transaction might not have happened." Jerry D. Campbell, Republic Bancorp

Search and Assemblage Services

When our clients are out-of-town buyers, they often are not well-acquainted with the area. Cooper Commercial Group, Ltd., saves important time by using those clients' specific set of requirements (demographic and geographic) to identify potential interests. Our search includes not only known available sites, but also those quietly held off the market.

"...Thank you...Cooper Commercial Group, Ltd., for all the help in acquiring the site for our new corporate headquarters..." John D. Matonich Jr., P.S., Rowe Engineering, Inc.

Property Assemblage
Cooper Commercial Group, Ltd., is one of the most experienced multi-parcel buyer/assemblers in the area. We manage all phases of each project, including (but not limited to) environmental studies, zoning, governmental guidelines, site planning, development and presentation of purchase agreements, and one-on-one negotiation with sellers.

"I...was very impressed with the final product...I particularly appreciated Cooper Commercial Group, Ltd's ability to fast track this project so as to meet a difficult deadline." Lou Frango, Rite Aid Corporation

Property Management

Cooper Commercial Group, Ltd., specializes in the management of retail centers and office buildings. We provide full-time property management supervision for day-to-day operations and an accountant to handle all financial requirements associated with the department.

Your tenants, clients and customers deserve the very best.

Often a property investor/owner's time and efforts are better spent on activities other than tending to the daily needs of properties and tenants. We understand the demands these needs generate:

  • Vacancies
  • Tax reporting
  • Equipment failures
  • Weather emergencies
  • Snowplowing
  • Lawn and parking lot maintenance, etc.

We are committed to maintaining your rental properties in first-class, high-quality condition and providing immediate response to the needs of your tenants. In this way, your property will attract and maintain those quality tenants while protecting your investment.

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • Operating budget establishment
  • Vacancy marketing
  • Rent collection
  • Eviction of delinquent tenants
  • Payment of monthly expenses
  • Customization of monthly reports
  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Negotiation of service contracts
  • Supervision of construction and renovations